the external malleolus, and on the dorsum of the foot. In protracted
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Although deposition of urates has been found in the sheaths of veins,
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Menilel, so far as they go, tend to corroborate this connection ; and there
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General pathology of Multiple peripheral neuritis. — The limits of
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and Phthisis, but alone, or in less distinguished com-
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deny a like effect to constitutional degeneration." But he maintains "that
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cerned in, if not to occupy, the whole field of the manifestations of every
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extremities the triple symptoms — pain, redness, and swelling, nevertheless
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and ecchvmoses of the small intestine, but no infarction. Between mere
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fissure to appear in the foetus is not that of Sylvius
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of Sir Douglas Powell (35), that haemoptysis is not an important sign of
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ally obtains among puerperal patients in this country.
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incised under such conditions for the relief of pain that entirely ceased
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direct antagonism with surgical experience. It has been stated by
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Ill three cases an embolus was found by Zahn and Rostan actually engaged
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aortic valves, 4 ; sclerotic mitral, 4 (and with vegetations, 6) ; acute peri-
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arisen there, it is quite possible that the appearances are misleading,
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often so excruciating and so incurable as to necessitate nei've section, or
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turbances, as from interruption or narrowing of the lumen of vessels by
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our field of inquiry, and to give us a more definite view of the clinical
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the one hand, nor to adapt it to the needs of Ameri-
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ternal groups; Avhile the superior group gives rise to the uppermost fibres.
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sure on the trachea, or invasion of its channel. By far the most frequent
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there were ominous symptoms of disaster, both local and general, por-
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118. JoxE.s, R., and Tubby, A. H. Ann. Surg. I'Mla. 1898, p. 297.— 119 Lamacq,
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mentioned as ])roducing the suppurative variety, especially extension
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oris and the orljicularis palpebrarum are affected while the muscles of the
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It may be noted that tiie dulness of a mediastinal tumour has been
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and it appears to be usually of a A-ery acute and inten-e character, the
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Herpes zoster is common, and the neuralgic pain may anticipate
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walls, in the thickness of their muscular coat, and in their circumference.
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of an hour, with no loss of consciousness. A few weeks later he was suddenly
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perimetric tracings, which cannot be put down to any definite lesion, but
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patient to all movement is deceptive, that no contract-
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Depakote Level Icd 9 Code