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Effects. — Bland or aseptic emboli produce chiefly mechanical effects

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there is no reason Avhy such symptoms should be produced, but as a rule

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prepare him for further developments which may clear up any initial

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trunk or main divisions of the pulmonary artery, found in cases of

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malar, and the upper and lower maxillary to an equal extent. The

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duced in the spinal centres below the lesion, and the tendon reflexes are

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which have resisted every other local or general method of treatment,

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names of " Landry's "or " Acute ascending paralysis " ; and this subject,

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recovered, there may be the opportunity given for the formation of an

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aneurysm was produced by impaction of an embolus from the atheromatous ulcer shown in the

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ments for communications from some of the best medical

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of over - oxygenated blood, which stimulates nutritive changes in the

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lar perineal body, and to dispose of the rectocele if

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undermined in this way shows proliferation of its cells, and undergoes

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of the individual units which have coalesced in the formation of the

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obliteration of the lumen already considerably constricted, and as a result

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steeped in a five per cent carbolized linseed-oil dress-

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lar teatment of scalds and burns with various salves,

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smelled strongly of alcohol. This over, she at once

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After some of the injections in the foregoing cases

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the administration of intoxicants to persons in whom

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tum patellae, and passed transversely 5.8 centimeters

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rule, unimpaired, and the patients do not waste. Constipation is commonly

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