had undergone comjiression. Other references are given in the present writer's Clinical
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8. Sulcus prcecentralis. — A short sulcus, anterior
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gistic poison along the posterior uninjured portion of
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some of the important events of his life may prove of in-
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•cavity of the bladder. As soon as the anodyne was
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sence granted him from headquarters, department of Texas,
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more or less disabling conditions, the true cause of which can rarely be
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of the blood ; not to the direct effect of the poison on nerve elements.
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The opinion of the majority of the speakers seemed to
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leeches, applied to the spot of maximum pain. We do not know how either
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mencement, and free from septic material, inflamma-
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the chalk does not maintain separation of the glob-
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ary, 1876, after moderate exercise, another abortion
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with a large or a small sized pupil. If the pupil be large the condition is
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organs, such as the brain, lungs, kidney, and spleen, the arteries are
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patient and of his medical attendant to call it neuralgia ; the greater the
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learned that the chlorate, when in the blood, yields
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and long-continued massage, are often followed by progressive improve-
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present. If we consider the dynamics of the circulation this difference
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entire group of phenomena here discussed, with special reference to the
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Nor can a much more hopeful view be taken of any operative measures
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also found to exist in the case of ordinary corns, it is probable that some
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this is by no means always the case. Cavernous respiration in ditl'erent
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he suffered from "obvious ague attacks, and also from distinct attacks of
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layers, according to the extent of the lesion; third,
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to raise either lower extremity from the mattress, and experienced great difficulty
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it can well be in a volume of its size, yet we venture
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types of Raynaud's disease, as differing from one another in the extent
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of instances to s}'philis ; and this view is supported by some obserA-ations
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and in dealing puerile thrusts, until the participants
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one of his knees. This did not allow him to walk or

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