twentieth part will do it. Cases similar to the one
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shaped, but are often irregular in outline, and sometimes a])pear as if
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entire thrombus. Serre has published a series of cases of pulmonary
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1874. — 9. Lancereaux. Did. encyclojxedique des sciences rned. — 10. Laxg. Vorlesungen
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emboli containing pathogenetic Vjacteria are of especial significance. Such
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parts of the body, and the case was claimed by M. Raynaud as a chronic
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the pouching, as due primarily to strain ; that is, to the inordinate blood-
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nineteen, had her Avrist sprained and bent backwards five years before
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strength of this Dr. Teale again comes to the front in
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Symptoms. — Cardiac di/spna'a. — This, as pointed out already, is almost
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laries without damage to the lungs, and become localised in various
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gravity, and containing frequently no albumin or but a trace ; uraimic
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further confirmation before they can be accepted, as several observers
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haemorrhage was meningeal ; in six meningeal and in the hemisphere, in
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Piiiladeli)ha, 1898 (consult for otlier references to Arterial Tlironibosis in Enteric
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show later that, in the more severe cases, this proceeds to stenosis.
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first detached. It is difficult to say how much a thrombus may have
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paroxysmal dyspnoea, and repeated hoemoptysis, especially if the blood
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order to render the consideration of morbid conditions of the mediastiiuim
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Soon various degrees of Avasting and weakness ensue, and in prolonged or
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' It might perhaps 1)0'le to inquire, in reference to the statement piven above, in
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nutrition which is common to every form of chronic mental disease :
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investigation and by a report, severely censuring the
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shoot for a whole season on foot until dislocation occurred. Pain-
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tracings show that many contractions take place Ijefore they become quite
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and as little disturbance as possible, even for the most pressing bodily
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tions will do. When I have disobeyed these instruc-
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Compared with other diseases the prognosis in the two last forms is
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reach of treatment, ffidema of the arms may be relieved in some cases
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although the thermometer showed no special increase
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two aff"ected roots includes the area of skin controlled by the circumflex
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perforating the skin.; thus their nature may be clearly revealed to
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account of the large extravasations of blood burrow-
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to the extinction of life. The fact is it may be lim-
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can arise of a thoracic tumour; or of anything, whether centric or peripheral
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an abscess open into the air-passage, the discharge of the pus should be

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