the health level depends largely upon the curves of the

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at the time of birth (Edgeworth) ; an association between dental

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The facial muscles in old-standing cases are thinned from atrophy and

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may be called induced catalepsy. The application of

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Foeal sclerosis. — Wholly distinct from systemic and diffuse invasive

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influence of the pyramidal tract. Disease of the cortical " motor centres "

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run down perilously, who weigh little, and lack blood,

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describe first their anatomical relations and connections ; then to give in

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Treatment is of undoubted value in angina. Much may be done,

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it is of the utmost importance to relieve this as promptly and effectively

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injury did not present itself in this light to the patient, it may be at

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never been at sea, yet they seem to be all " at sea " as

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by a soft-rubber instrument, but we would like te see

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results so produced from this aspect, and give three figures to represent

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usually meant three years ! Such is the tale. It is also

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in 35. Tlie result of these observations, therefore, is generally in conformity with the state-

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masses. In this way numerous small veins and capillaries become

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forces, but they lose also their power of resistance to micro-organisms.

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presents little difficulty. Definite sensory and motor phenomena refer-

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In concomitant squint, commonly met with in cases of hypermetropia,

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service; but his ideal included the raising of his pro-

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the lesion lie severe other changes set in. The fundamental achromatic

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Opposed to these mechanical explanations are the secretory hypotheses

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should lead to the suspicion of growth ; as well as repeated haemoptysis

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In certain states of general debility, after long illnesses for example,

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3. Impediments to conduetion.— (a) Disease of nerve fibres is not a

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There Avas scarcely any external injury. Not a single rib AA'as broken,

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sudden pain at the moment of impaction of the embolus (embolic ictus).

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my case before the Medical Society Dr Herschell showed two brothers

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ful matter; nor does the medical and surgical history

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and spinal nerves, and much less frequently on the sympathetic system.

Digoxin Side Effects Blood Pressure