overpaid; if such a case ever happened, the item of

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presence of deoxidizing substances. Liver sugar, or

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Ross's case (see p. 682), the three stages of Raynaud's disease have been

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with eddying motion of the blood, are called stagnation-thrombi. Of these

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by one pill each day, until the maximum dose of six

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alterations in structure are now added changes in form. In consequence

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abundant. The contents of the bursal cavity, often sanguineous from

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was not very dense, but no cystic formations existed

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heart disease at sixty-eight ; mother of paralysis at sixty-seven. The pulse

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causes, such as stretching from larger content of blood, starvation and

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graphs and articles of Meynard, Cammareri, Selter, Koussel, Charrier

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and is therefore more easily appreciated by the whole hand than by the

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tion that the forcible — -as compared with the ordinary or vocal — closure

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The muscles of the feet and legs are first attacked ; then, after an

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Fromhold-Treu, for purposes of description and classification, has

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tives were employed, including electricity and nitrite

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mobility ; (ii.) imprisonment in consequence of excess in the diameter of

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circuit varies somewhat ; but, apart from this, each additional synapse

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arthritis. Intra-capsular fracture is a common event, the fragments

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the treatment, there was some delay in procuring as-

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ternal administration or inhalation, and the sensibil-

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woman, aged fifty-seven years, was the subject of erythromelalgia

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forearm muscles, with the exception of the supinator longus, escape.

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finally, to consider associated paralyses and ophthalmoplegia.

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Changes," Journ. Path, and Bact. vol. iii. 1895. — 89. Westphal. "General

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Kiernan — Suddenly, November 27th, 1869, of conges-

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