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There has been much discussion on the occurrence of changes in

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advanced is raised, the toes drop, and are only prevented from trailing

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escapes, especially if the site of the lesion be near the middle of the

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more likely in the aorta, where the thickness of the wall is much less in

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being prolonged without distinct murmur. The lungs were moderately emphy-

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more or less cyanosed, Avith lividity of the lips, ears, face, and not

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fibres emanate, it is true, from trophic cells in the ganglia on the posterior

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than demonstrated in cases of chylous ascites. In Cayley's case, where

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of local syncope of the finger ends, ending in symmetrical gangrene of

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have been recorded of this lesion (Bennett and Savill, Blocq and Guinon).

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It will be observed in this case that some noticeable cardiac signs

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'you will discover when you come to meet with it in

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sudden onset of very intense, colicky, not definitely localised abdominal

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which is the slow outgrowth of hundreds of years of

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richness in white corpuscles as a feature distinguishing them from post-

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pressing foice, causes tingling in the area of skin su})j)lied by the nerve,

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The toheiic fiM. — The first case was described and the patient

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Doubtless several factor?, although not all necessarily operative in

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The characteristic pain is increased more by deep than by superficial

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lung or pleura, the difficulty of diagnosis is obviously much greater than

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Strophanthus and convallaria are of much less value. In cases of acute

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It is impossible to say at present to what extent the prognosis of

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alcohol, hyoscyamus, morphia, sulphate of manganese,

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bility and some forms of chronic disease of the kid-

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The pulse is not as much affected as the first time ;

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cancerous tumours by medicines or injections is out of the question, at

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coronary arterial disease is present in a marked degree ; and that there

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this head. Whether any actual benefit can be derived from the adminis-

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