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high state of general nervous and muscular excitement, in which
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tained most conveniently from powdered galls. Mode of obtaining. Form ;
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DYSENTERY: Patient. 16 months old, took to vomiting and
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Anatomy and Surgery, Materia Medica and ^^^ '^^y of April in each year.
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thickening, the nitrate of silver stick should be freely applied
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Geo. F. Cooper, M. D., of Americus, Ga. E. W. McCrary, M.D., of Clinton Dep.,S.C.
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Scotchman who said that there were two to bring relief of this kind — to bring the
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sensible properties ; solubility. Chemical characteristics. Two kinds ; ene
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albumen, but rather less carbon, if the analyses of Scherer were
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Ames, about the one- sixteen-thousandth part of a grain ; suppo-
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Flea.se Specify ROBINSON'S original bottles. For Sale by Druggists.
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doses, once in four hours, is mentioned as a stimulant of great virtue
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assume the syphilitic motion without inflammation taking place.
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dampness, and chilliness. In Australia they obtain light, dryness,
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What : seven hundred octavo pages upon diseases of the Heart and
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(i). Animal inoculation. Male guinea-pigs should be
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other, it might be diminished by excluding from the list the cases
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case so treated having terminated in rapid and lasting recovery ;
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administration of large doses of quinine, and which was known as
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employed usefully. He is probably now as well as his mental
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lesions of bones (ribs, vertebrae, articulations, shoulder blades,
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tiva. The matter vomited was not bilious, though the urine and
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Spores have not been observed. It is actively motile and a variable
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2. Jensen. Die Aetiologie des Nesselfiebers und der diffuse n
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tea, with laxatives, to prevent costiveness ; then astringents, when a
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*>54 D UG AS, on Strictures of the Urethra. [November,
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ing these matters as convincingly as might put him on a deer stand, and told him to
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a meal which has not yet been digested, and scarce one particle
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that the virulence of the attenuated virus can be easil}- res-
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reported by Ferrier. It stains readily with the aniline dyes. Prepara-
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four. Occasionally whitish or yellowish patches varying

Cracked And Peeling Skin Taking Detrol