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and infective thrombotic fragments has been observed. Experiments
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thrombus, caused by local conditions, may be the starting-point of a
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relationship between the condition of the circulation and the occurrence
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that the products with which it has to do are often
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(senile and degenerative states generally) the fixed tissue elements play
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life. My patient willingly consented, and under chloroform *a small
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His views have received some support (Londe and Perrey), but most
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cases of neuralgia and exalted irritability. At the
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the arteries of the thyroid axis, the tnuisvermlis colli and humeri, which
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number 660, (Oct. 23,) there is an error in paging,
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patient cries out, is seized with extreme precordial distress and violent
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ceeds is a simple consequence of the anatomical ar-
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pericarditis, are of general distribution, being then due chiefly to cardiac
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gallant conflict the officials did not emerge with hands thor-
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The relative freedom from peripheral venous thrombosis in cardiac
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inert emboli to which our attention has been especially directed, those
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solved. Our experiments were diversified in various
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in the morbid process. In all these alike, the more strict the systemic
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recognised in the wearing away of parts of the articulation.
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and drawing it farther forward toward the cornea, and
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vol. V. p. 693. — 7. Fromhold-Tkec. Die Hemiatrophia fiicialis progressiva. Diss.
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of superior quality, and highly prized in the Euro-
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there is no infective agent. The condition we are considering is a true
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much as it is known that the capillary vessels derive
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then the destructive process is more apt to be cir-
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lett has good reason to be satisfied with this effort.
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Group ((/). — Lead paLy has been described in the second volume of
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decay and withering of the nervous tree commence occasionally in its
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occurred. The interossei often escape ; my patient can write very well
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auscultating the abdomen of a pregnant girl, aet. 17, at full term. It
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