but as uterine contractions did not begin I was not
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what is the drug divalproex for
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passive exercise gained by the application of massage
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tion of the tail. So forcible is this extension that the animal can be
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and the establishment of a secondary communication between the blood-
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In a series of experiments on monkeys, performed Ijy Dr. Ferrier and
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against the lymph stream (55). In sarcoma, on the other hand, lymphatic
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moses of the coronaiy arteries. It has been demonstrated that anasto-
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said to resemble " the sudden thrust of a red-hot gimlet into the flesh."
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Although widely difi"erent in results, the transportation of tumour
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or more of the large arteries are in great part occluded, considerable
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been generally supposed to lead to fat-embolism, but Sanders and
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mos, so characteristic of peripheral facial diplegia, is never seen in this
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infants. Against this the patient strongly protested
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and quotes others who had fotind them in such cases. Haddon, in 1870,
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imcompetency in their discussions of spinal abscesses.
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marked thickening of the capsule of the liver. The fact that 15 of
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extremely variable. In some cases, especially those which do not aflfect
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traction (spinal myosis), — or perhaps in rare instances some degree of
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remembered as modifying the vocal fremitus. Cough fremitus is
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physical signs ; an 1 such cases come under observation as those of lung
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will contain a lengthy article by Dr. S. V. Clevenger,
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any satisfactory explanation, of what is termed ' spiritu
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assumes the degree shoAvn in the small red kidney of chronic Bright's

Depakote For Bipolar Disorder Side Effects