column, and affects the spinal meninges, or ultimately even the cord

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zu Kbnigsberg, 1888, p. 59.— 122. Moos. Virchows Arch. 1867, xli. p. 58. — 123.

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logical conditions. It does not include serious local

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with any local affection which serves it for a support,

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exhausted, I injected'' one-sixth of a grain of sulp.

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form of injury it will most invariably be the bulbic

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extremities. As regards the sloughing of the sacrum

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tism. Schmitt and Vaquez have sifted the reported cases, and they

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according to the various causes, immediate and remote. Many

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portal vein deserve more attention as causes of portal thrombosis than

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the varying degrees of virulence in the same organism, and of suitability

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destruction of the pulp tissue; and, lastly, after the death of the pulp, local

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ish patches on the extremities of the fingers, which subsided in the spring.

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temperature, immediately after the hypodermic injection of undissolved

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varieties of poliomyelitis are essentially the same as

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cardium, these intramuscular bi'anches being anatomically terminal

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some cases indicating a weak and irritable condition

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common use should be administered. Local remedies, such as leeching or

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the heart muscle the amount of explosion does not depend at all on the

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been performed under such circumstances (but usually with very unsatis-

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the mother of eight children and the victim of three

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Irritation of nerves, when excessive, will cause the appearance of erup-

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vasorum — serve to nourish the walls of the vessels ; probably they enter

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use, can certify that"with any ordinary injecting ap-

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neighbourhood of the nerve nuclei, fatty infiltration of the walls and

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nuclei from which it arises destroyed, without any impairment of

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D, Abnormality in the number of valves, 13 cases; E, Pulmonary

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of great value, and hence Paquelin's cautery, or the button cautery, ap-

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and Auld, and of M'Crorie ; as will he seen hy a comparison of the

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