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the skin incision of which is one and one-half inches
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Hospital, and Assistant in Surgery, Harvard Medical School, Boston, 1912-1915 ;
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BOVININE comes to the rescue by supplying a vitalized and perfectly
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be very materially decreased in the salt starvation
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soiling of the gauze. By the use of the large trochar and cannula
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technical sense of the pathologist. (2) Adenomatous or glandular
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nuclei. Microscopically the demarcation of the tumor masses from
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o, Baltimore 1, Pittsburg 1, Boston 4. Taunton 1. From
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obtained and ever will be by fair means or foul. The law is absurd,
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tions concerning the personal character of women applying for
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one side, nearly so on the other. Not as satisfact(jry an
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cultivation and study of various bacteria, including especial-
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THE PURDUE FREDERICK CO., No. 15 Murray St., New York.
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(entire Section), 9 A. M. to 12 M. = 3 units. Recitation, Friday, 9 A. M.
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Sir : Eeferring to the correspondence which the department has
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of numerous paresthesia of the trunk, abnorminal viscera and ex-
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when they made advances. When they were about to leave her she al-
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ravages of this dreadful disease which now falls with such terrible'
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We can therefore with confidence conclude that the history
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banquet or a reception, or both, in addition to the scientific features
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uted evenly over the surface. Use a hand syringe, or, if the area
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the pathological laboratory was opened. In 1889 the Johns Hop-
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By her last will, Mrs. Harriet Lane Johnston, of Washington,
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4. Stegomyia fasciata fed on the blood from a case of malarial
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training school we are doing more toward educating a body of ef-
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unusual symptoms, the physician was hurriedly summoned. Find-
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A. B., Wooster University, 1910; Graduate Student, Columbia University.
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dure referable to the urinary apparatus. The tissues
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care may fail to insure against immediate or remote infection ; that
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largement of the right lobe of the liver upwards "Litten's sign" is
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ance with Latin and a reading knowledge of French and
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tenuated remedy so long as there is some particle of that remedy

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