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tion. The voice may be husky. Occasionally haemoptysis occurs. There
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the lumbar muscles are feeble the hollowing of the back is deepened ; and
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claims that in the cases belonging to the first order (22 out of 41)
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Vision is lost with characteristic suddenness. Both the arteries and the
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form seizures, which finally occurred once or twice
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in a like spirit respecting no small number of recog-
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December 20, 1879. " After the most careful consid-
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even seen him or known abort his case otherwise, though I by no means
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present during the period of attack, owing in part to the dread of
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Astigmatism is also not a rare cause of asthenopia.
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in its capsule in cataract with the normal tissue of
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muscles are usually atrophied, not hypertrophied ; and that the onset of
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degenerative neuritis in the nerves of the upper, as well as in those of the lower
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and, utdess it is sear'ched for, its existence is not revealed at autopsy,
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senile opacity of the lens by these means. One pole
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namely, mucous membrane, cavernous or erectile tis-
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may have existed without any distinct evidence of thrombosis or
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by AValshe as "roaring"), and suggestive of the waves of sound being
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Puerperal Women. An Address on Obstetrics and Diseases
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been published abroad during the past year relative
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grounds. First, a solid uterine tumor existed, which
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very extensive multiple thrombosis associated with cancer of the
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ir may be unable to produce any effect ; the absence of anaesthesia also

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