(Edematous fibrillated meshwork, containing a moderate number of small
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Stewart. James, M.D., Jefferson City, a graduate of
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shipped In clean and disinfected cars and are accompanied by a certificate of dipping or
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enlargement, oedema and chronic passive congestion were foremost in
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with tuberculosis may be rendered into lard or tallow after the diseased parts are
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found in the peritoneal cavity but no gas. Cultures of the fluid showed
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Ozarks Medical Society... 8 Fred T. Hargrove Monett Kenneth Glover Mt. Vernon
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Whereas, There has existed imjust and discriminatory poli-
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The pain was “drawing and pulling,” caused aching
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which are eviscerated in the retaining room or in the specially prepared place finder the
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’The records of the Association have been well maintained
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Till. Ml TAIlol l-\l iiK nil I \llliii|IV|>H\ll s
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of the order, now is the time to bring them forward
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bovine sources. Jm. of med. research, v. 10, no. 3 (n. s., v. 5, whole no.
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convalescence and the incidence of complications. ’ ’ *
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laii'.'ua'.'.'. Tl 1. 1\. 'Ml. Ills tliat .'spn'ss emi,li..nal .•.)n<litions are evolv.'.l
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infection or an accident, such as the breaking of a
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taken to the sausage room. When the sausage has been made It is taken to the micro-
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and alike, as, for example, the liver and the tenderloin. But there
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sixth day and developed in dry, scaly masses of whitish color and
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Th.. i.e.sis1.,.ee .if th,. iidiibili,,n PI...1. 1 by slimulatinpr the inac-
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rior wall occasionally participates in the process sufficiently to be drawn
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20. Cummins. H. : Postoperative Thrombosis and the Blood
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R. W. Kennedy, Councillor of the Sixth District, has been ac-
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0X19 with a titer of 1:640, and as giving a positive
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liy the carmine iiicthod. masses of stained Klycotren can he found present
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tain principles of construction which any architect or builder may
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teeth present. The chest and the body generally are well formed.
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the organization outlined, operating only at the state
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^ digestible nutrients " consumed in the several periods of a feeding
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The ducts, as a rule, are surrounded by a dense mass of hyaline fibrous
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erties of different groups of cells, indicative either of differ-
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the entire central portion of the left side and one of a similar portion of the
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this effect, the following experiment was performed :
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32. Lewis, R. C, and Benedict, S. E.: J. Biol. Chem., 1915,
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is aspirated by means of a subsidiary air pump and passes through a
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))(M'iiliiir sliakiii!: of 11h> f(M.t, like lliat iiiadc l>.v ii iioiinal animal to shako
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gate, is in Texas for his health and not likely to be
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Having; l)riclly traced tlif |)li\ sinlngic (li\ cldiuiii lit of tlio ncivous sys-

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