ally above the left posterior cusp, may press upon the pulmonary artery,

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sequent filling up of the hernial ring, and the forma-

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it beforehand, a physician is at liberty to place any

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thus seriously narrowed. The tube is seldom penetrated, but this event

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that is, 40 cases per year — gives the following results : —

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is said to have been, is pathognomonic of laceration

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disulfiram--alcohol reaction mimicking an acute coronary syndrome

the tip of each index finger ; she recovered, but the fingers presented

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being closed in such cases, remoter glands would in-

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as a proximate, as a remote, or as an accessory cause.

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attachment X\ Z', so that all below X', Z' appears as

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Mercy Hospital Surgical Clinic, by Prof. E. Andrews.

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by cold. On the fourteenth and subsequent days walking became more and

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as chloral, trional, and other hypnotics, directly depress the cerebral

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observers, as well as skillful and successful physi-

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poisoning, which are almost identical with those of tetany.

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onset of tabes when cord lesions are limited ; and, conversely, the

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relatively sound, lung. It is thus amply demonstrated that for nearly

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rise of blood-pressure above the ligature, but experiments have shown

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diuresis, \irgent in the night, the urine being pale and of low specific

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as this. The impulse is rarely punctate, and it usually gives the im-

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Figure 1.— V and V' represent the margins of a recently

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introducing foods and medicines into the system, in

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vantage over the usual run of medical literature: it

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the coronaries are affected we can easily understand from their situation,

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and it was more or less supported during the present century by such

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subject is important, and because the facts hitherto

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Against the cerebral origin of tetany, according to Abercrombie, is

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defeated (41 to 39) was so small that Speaker Sharpe

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Local acute arteritis. — Infective inflammation in the neighbourhood of

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executive medical officer, confronted with difficulties

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spinal link may be exclusively invohed, when like symptoms occur. As

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rheumatism, the progress of which was not marked by

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numerous in the margins of and between the masses of platelets, and

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was less curved, and moved much less freely than the right one. The voice

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carry conviction on this point, uidess it can be shown to be in accord with

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of paregoric and spirits minderiri, the mixture to be

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