course is to perform simple ligature of the veins instead

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disease, and diminishing suffering during its progress, it is equally

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Surgery and Obstetrics, have abandoned the obsolete conception,

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thus attacking Western Europe from the North, while in the pros^it

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usual course of the disease, in private practice, is

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Vaginal repair, salpingectomy, and ventral suspension - - 1

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the second time in early spring, as soon as the weather

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Dr. Madill said his first case was a patient, 5-para, aged

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gation and injection of silver nitrate. The vaginal condition

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unfortunately the upper front teeth had all been extracted,

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or failure to measure up to the average standard of

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peroneal group, which is distinctly weaker than the right

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With referenee to the dose, from a not inconsiderable experience

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into the large intestine. The exhaustion produced by this, would prob-

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of State Medicine, and in the Council of the Section of Anatomy and

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Session two papers on different methods of introducing

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1. S.MiTii : Medical and Surgical History of the British

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of (jallego, whose fornmlre must be consulted in the

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may usually be allowed to remain untouched for five or six days,

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As more food is swallowed the size of the shadow in-

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some months, appeared so crippled in his back, or hips, as to be an

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upon The General Fact and Philosophy of Evolution (The Plant

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Rowlette, R. J., sanatorium benefit in Ireland, 449.

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pensive, durable, clean, com])act of form, light of

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In 4 cases there was some improvement — 1 case of lupus,

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Case 2.—/. P., Pnvate, 1th Va. Reg't., Co. G, aged 22,

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told her he had a good deal to say to her, but he was too weak.

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five months ]3regnancy. I caused the patient to be trans-

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among such the disease is likely to assume a virulent

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albuminuria varied inversely as the pulse pressure,

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Kature nothing can be added ; from Nature nothins^ can be taken away^ the sum of

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of the Medical Enlisted Reserve Corps, but are sol-

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My' post-mortem examinations revealed unusual vascularity of

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