hand, implication of a nerve-cell itself, as the trophic centre for its
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l-'ELTZ. Schmidt's Jahrb. 1870.— 28. v. Feey. Arch. f. Physiol. 1885, p. 533.-29.
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In one case mentioned by Wilson Fox there was a very large sarcomatous
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disappeared at the end of the nineteenth century ; for coagulacion of
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which changes are found in the peripheral nerves also.
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neuralgic pain, mitigation of dyspnoea, more regularity of circulation,
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The sexes are about equally affected, a point of distinction from, pseudo-
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human lungs with vigorous circulation, it is not surprising to find that
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latter cases on listening to the heart it will often be found beating
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his readers. This seems to be an English custom, as
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on the walls of the aneurysm. Here, again, no direct influence of the
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been ascribed to Duchenne, who, in 1861 (10), described them under
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The o])servations of Henschen, on the other hand, and of Flechsig,
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to place it in the first rank of diagnostic symptoms. Dysphagia may arise
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Three zones can often be distinguished : — the main central yellowish
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and medullary tissue may be carried to the pulmonary vessels as emboli
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fore no reference need be made to it here. The inflammatory process
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effusion ; and these symptoms may equally occur whether the growth

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