one which will give effect to the intent and purpose of the en-

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these pigments, and as a consequence they are deposited in the tissue.

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presence of unprotected excreta and unprotected food, and the

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tan than perhaps all other requirements. For such legislation

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stituent in the food is at fault opinions differ from time to time. For

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national Congress, one must take into account the many private and un-

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typhoid, under 1,000, instead of about 1,400. It is, of course,

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Histology and Embryology, Starling-Ohio Medical College, Colum-

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for last. The distress of a o aj c rey n m ■ is» *6q 1> great, the relief by morphin

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proved by the House of Delegates or by the Council.

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toms were present in 75 percent of the patients: he-

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from my own observtions, the following conclusions seem justi-

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psychoses, in fact including almost the entire category of abnormal men-

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possessed the same effectiveness as the bismuth suspen-

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Contact Lynn H. Steele, State of New York, Department of

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mg. every 6 hours (four doses in each 24 hours). This dosage may be adjusted

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In a nicely made little volume which can be read in less than an

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Instances of recurring thrombo-phlebitis have been re-

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City Hospital, and the Director of Charities and Corrections of

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the Third German Edition. Cloth, 289 pages, 232 illustrations, $4.00.

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nLy 1 ' ™." u ?'™^"'' *« ^-'e to which it i. attached

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The last part of the book is devoted to the diseases of the hair

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There is a whitish, watery discharge from the rectum, • dry scruffy

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dernucally in such paroxysms, but tends rather to be lowered. (3)

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anterior-poliomyelitis and from a case of Addison's disease associated

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tunity of appearing: before it. He realized that we cannot perfect any

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and various conditions may be gained from a brief summary

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excreted within forty hours." As to the classification of the

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monkeys a state of active immunity through a single large sub-

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“It would he rash to say exactly when,” he commented,

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the part of the cerebrospinal axis in which the symptoms shall

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ing at a previous annual meeting and having been pub-

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and the congenital variety. The consistency with which certain results

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eases; and (3), a Clinic for Epidemic Contagious Diseases.

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syphilis fifteen years previous to his admission was obtained and


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There is no questioning the need for an improved system

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