" causal vivse " of diseases became known in ever-increasing

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Allan and Dr. James indicate, in other official relations, it is

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of sugar ; whilst Professor Ewald and Dr. Gans (Karlsbad)

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Fdssell, Edward Francis. M.B Aberd., M.R C. P.Lond.. reappointed

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the County Asylum, Prestwich. Tlie patient died on the

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first. In unicellular organisms like the amreba solid particles

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whether potassium oxalate acts like peptone. We have put

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quence of defects in the enactment. The method pursued

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the function of micturition can only be brought about by

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identity than any other bodily feature. He maintains that

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Durham College of Medicine, Newcastle-on-Tyne ; A. Thom-

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improvements which it was stated on good authority were of

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was proposed by Dr. Mead, seconded by Mr. Vincent, and re-

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that ttie disease might be contracted by a perfectly healthy

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look with interest to the report which will shortly be pre-

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erected for the borough. The Ystrad Local Board have invited residents

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therefore there has been lessened prevalence as well. The

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pound of the proteid. This will have to stand or fall by the

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crease in efficiency very marked. Foreign service would then be viewed

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hospitals, we pass to the hospitals dependent wholly or

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and wliicli appears to be fairly well suited to the ordinary re-

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Medical Charities and the ]\'age Limit. — After some discus-

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connecting up of the zinc and copper poles, nor were any

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from the north circumpolar sea, according to Sir George Nares,

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starting a village nur=e; they could tell luia what it would co^t, aud

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Their parasitism is only a transitory state. Only the

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der contained 2 or 3 ounces of urine. The left internal abdominal ring

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He says ho feels better than he has done for a long time. Febru-

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Liverpool ; Dr. L. W. A. KeifFenheim-Trubridge, London. (I«) Dr. S.

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stops at these islands. From Plymouth boats start every fort-

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parasites in the same sense that tubercle was caused by the

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There has been no inquiry bv othcers of the Local Government Board in

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severely pinched in places without making the patient cry. Transverse

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