the hospital staff, thus increasing their knowledge
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specialist and are of practically no use to the prac-
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The criterion oil student internship as supplied by
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by the board of trustees of the hospital. Mrs. Walter
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17. Recently, several types of cancer have been re-
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he was no better. Estrogenic therapy was started, 1
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now holding residencies has been determined. Beyond
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is a triumph in pharmacy, and its therapeutic virtues so scientifi-
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to charge fees for attendance to patients not on his
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and committees for the current year. Plans were made
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postero-external aspect of the colon and caecum ; the third, and
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it highly probable that Harley Street will almost go
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will ultimately take on considerable significance. This
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a hearing loss? How old was the child when the loss was first noted? Did the loss appear grad-
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oil. He must dig and delve and develop and put in to shape for
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These are days of surgical triumph over supperative disease.
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class each nine months. A full-year internship now is
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ject. Feliki claims it is best done by emptying the bladder and
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them with success in leucorrhcea, vaginitis, ulceration of cervix
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branch offices and regional service depots that have taken care of them for many years past.
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any sort to indicate that they are “doing their bit” ;
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there is any indispensable call for the moderate or habitual use of
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needs, and regular monthly meetings of the committee
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the pelvic characteristics is of equal or greater im-
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morale. Many important public figures feel that Amer-
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“Although we have constantly cautioned members in
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tivity, I have found Scotch cellulose tape much better.
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Pittsburgh, P.a., by the entire Board, from Thursday,
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and Childhood, New York, D. Appleton-Century Co., 1939.
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section.” It is to be hoped that certain of the more
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stations” for the care of injured persons who have been
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irregular tumour, of about a month's growth, extending from the
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constructed that the normal physiologic processes will
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showed a grade I trilobar hypertrophy of the prostate
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find that this treatise uses the utmost plainness and simplicity
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Locke, Bellefonte; Clearfield County, George B. Kirk,
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etc & Price, Cloth $5.00 net ; Sheep $6.00 net. W. B. Saunders, Publisher, Phila.
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unfortunate man's pulse reached 120, it is hard to see. Why did
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