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difhculty ; l)ut sometimes it requires prolouized and painstaking search,
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insist upon this fact, that the induced currents (called
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seen that, in respect of age, aneurysm tends to occur at a period of life
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adduce CA'idence to shoAv that such cases are really examples of peri-
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These de Paris, 1894.— 37. Idem. Gaz. des h6p. 1896, No. 95.-38. Peteex. " Study
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find particular nerves affected, or branches of these.
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who lives M^ell, should always suggest premonitory symptoms of arterio-
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septicfemia, or j^lithisis. In a few cases no distinct cause conld be
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peared in the papers have already been productive of
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reatlily be reconciled with Ivibbert's explanation ; so that, notwithstanding
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the disease. It consists essentially of inflammation
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diagnosis to result therefrom. True vesicular emphysema may exist before
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mesial or chief fillet is regarded by some observers as the central
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superficial and deep seated veins. The author there-
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floor of the aorta causing regurgitation, or in the side of it giving rise
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over all the rest. Nor is this the case only in regular
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there is always more or less loss of weight in connection with malignant
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enchondroma growing from the sternum. In the treatment of teratoma
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other fixed cells in the wall. New vessels spring from the vasa vasorum.
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but not U5uallv so far even as the upper part of the thigh. Hip-joint
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k-ranl-heiten, v. "803, x. 243, x. 294, xii. 798, xiv. 87, xt. 731, xvii.' 547, xviii. 628. —
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even be possible to suppose — as an " ideal result " — that an aneurysmal
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In the remaining case the organ reduced itself spon-
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over the nutritive processes in the skin are involved
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Letters, September 15 and October 3, state that Mrs.
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There is nothing, however, to distinguish such symptoms from those
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may occasion the symptoms of rupture and haemorrhage. In the large
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There is nothing, however, to distinguish such symptoms from those
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many to thrombosis. Essentially similar cases have been interpreted
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sidered, and there will usually be some defect to be remedied. Over-
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course with the nerve filaments for the ciliary muscle. The course of
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They are distinct from the oculomotor fil)rcs and may be paralysed alone.

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