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pathologically and bacteriologically. It is occasionally disappointing in

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from time to time been made, but none of them have been altogether

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Malignant disease of the lung is a condition of great impor-

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as early and as completely as possible. The isolation or insulation of the

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1,000 LD 50 , hence, there was a hundred-fold rise in

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specimens tested. If a satisfactory zone 1 spinal fluid

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and exceeded the fluid drank in the same time by fgxij. In order

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natant liquid is pipeted off and saved. This supernatant fluid,

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mm. outside diameter) for colloidal gold test should be

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a sulfonamide-containing material may require the ad-

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end of the four-inch pipe is carried above the roof of each building, thus furnishing an

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and plasma in vivo to give their determination in whole

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execute what he deemed right. He took a deep interest in religious matters, having

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of the renal cells, and this he regarded as the sign and essence of the

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monia in urine (par. 172), the ammonia caught in the

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border 3.5 cm. The heart action was regular and only shghtly

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membrane, to which is attached the flagellum. The flagellum

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north and in Japan and Formosa. Laboratory diagnosis: eggs

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(2) Saturation of plasma with alveolar carbon dioxide.

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and varies directly with it, whatever the condition of the father ; and, as proved by

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frequently pain in the side. The significance of these, more particularly

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was considerable hard swelling in the region of the bone, and the

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form the initial symptoms are, as a rule, less acute and less per-

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routine. Materials that may be looked for on occasion are blood,

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Symptoms. — Typhus fever is a disease with an abrupt onset.

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merely as a suggestion in tentative classification. For more accu-

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be applied simultaneously, reading from Table II the weight-for-

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