apparently Avith intention on Dr. Philipson's part) from that ad-
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pose that ultimately recurrent spasmodic contractions of the A^essels may
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tract more than compensating the diminution of the nerve energy which
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deformans, still, as has been already noted, they differ very materially in
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classified as symptoms of disease in some part of the nervous system
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lished in the Journal of Nervous and Mental Diseases,
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Other evidences of inadequate collateral circulation with arterial
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the gangrene was often the final outcome of the other two. His con-
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below the plane of utero-vaginal junction, the famil-
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phase, symmetrical gangrene, are not propagated along recognised
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sibility to pain, but otherwise reacted like the rest.
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different patients find different movements particularly difficult. Thus
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where other conditions giving rise to prominent or grave symptoms have
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Deficiency or other alterations of reqnratory murmur resulting from
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clothes removed by a cradle, or to have his foot exposed to the air, and
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physiology will occur through a better understanding
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intima, due to proliferation of the sub-endothelial layer, occurs at birth in
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as a whole it is creditable to its editor and publisher.
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without connection with the sympathetic system. The currents through
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cers, selected from the chief of the bureaus in the
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Nelaton suspected diabetes, and urinalysis confirmed
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(/) Skiagraphy may possibly help in the diagnosis of some cases of
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ignores very much of that investigator's deductions,
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in the knees, involving successively almost all the
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vations, that frequently degeneration of the media is primarily due to
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a case occurring in the wards of Cook County Hospital,
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ber of cases of external carcinomata, which has just
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so that the cervix appears longer and larger than it actually is.
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fourteen days old, a thrombus beginning 4 cm. below the insertion of the ductus Botalli
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internal capsule) secondary contractures frequently
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used by French veterinarians to describe similar symptoms in horses
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and only twice phthisis. Two cases were especially remarkable : in one
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them in diagnosis and prognosis, and for the purposes of treatment, with
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reiul. soc. de biol. 1858, Paris, 1859, 2. S. v. pt. 2, p. 225. — 203. Chiari. Prager med.
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petrosal nerve, from which they pass through the otic ganglion to the
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of weak galvanic currents, has been recommended, and in some cases has
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who has money, and that do not refuse graduation to
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prescriber, gives also a prescription nicely adapted to

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