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this apparent improvement as it is a well kno\n fact that
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persons to exercise their bodies, the enthusiasm of
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Brown, H. L., Passed Assistant Surgeon. Detached from
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at the rate of a million a day and that already over sixty
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stroyed the frenum and dissected the skin from the pars
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over with nodules, the external signs of the disease
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T. J. Cullen. Johns Hopkins Hospital Bulletin, xvi, p.
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of the essay. Essays in competition for this prize must
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book contains ten chapters, the first of which deals
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J. Preston Miller. The Philadelphia Medical Journal,
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every obligation before they are compelled to do so
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Dandridce. — In Cincinnati, Ohio, on Sunday, November
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ointment of mercuric nitrate, prepared as follows :
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necessary that they be applied with inteUigent sys-
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structive properties of the aconite plant furnished
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me placed in a sanatorium for consumptives, where I hope
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ful resource that must be applied in many cases and
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lich-Hata'schen Syphilispriiparates. Berliner klinische
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We can understand his superstitious upbringing from the
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the sailor is essentially a very important factor in
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tained till spontaneous breathing has been permanently restored,
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ingly sensitive to restraint, and I think it is gener-
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Philippine Islands — Pangasiiian. .. .July 10-23 841
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rnent fund of $2,000,000 for the American Red Cross So-
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niidoarsenobenzol behandeldeten Krankheitsfiillen. Ber-
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would be distinctly dangerous, and it is recalled that
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plication on hands or face. Furuncle on the forehead was
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perhaps be also a reflex from the sensitive cutane-
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has taken on ficsh. and performs a moderate amount of
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Valley !Medical Association to be held in Evansville,
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this conference at the time the legislature is in session.
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a little above the head — which w-ill tend to throw
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tion which will cause him to believe that the indi-

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