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or the kidney which is not affected is not functioning properly, the qu^antUy
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The disease was first described by Freke* in 1740, but it attracted little
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the last date the perfected operation has been in the hands of surgeons at
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iircpares tlie food foi' action by the next. This intcrdeiienih'nee of the
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elsewhere; typical renal colic is sometimes present; the urination is often
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proved by cutting the muscles free from their nervous connections, confirm-
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5 grains. These are, on the whole, satisfactory, but it must be borne in mind
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l'l,|>s nl' xI|I,n!;i||ii-, 111 nllli'ls All iili.l 111' llli |-|'l,l!i\l' si/cs iif I'cillliiil.
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tuberculous subjects, tubercles and tubercle bacilli are not to be found as a
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'"wiiiLT hlddd (if the part, the r'csidt must indicate the rtilimii nf lilinnl, in
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ral external figure of the bone ; in consistence it
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aemia. Then in an attack, it may be the tenth or twentieth, the cyanosb
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ill wliieh no water molecules appear i.e., tlii'.v arc liydrolytie reactions.
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nitroifcii iii.iy ij.iil'c froni S to 12 'j.\\., and the nitrocjen wliicli if contaii
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sii.ldcii rise in systolic pressure. The dull element on the other hand

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