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creasing experience, it is the great diversity which

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it may be a third part less than she was accustomed

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chitis, especially when of frequent recurrence, affect the lungs in the

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one civU engineer, and other inferior olficers, all pro-

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stated, the surface is simply hypersemic. It loses the glistening

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several degrees in the extremities, while the central temperature, as

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ever regain the sight of it, must, for the present, re-

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fore all that might be expected of him has been ful-

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bulging of the upper part of the ciliary region was

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driven to work out this plan in consequence of having

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moved, and a slight plastic operation was performed

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the brain, the lungs, and the kidneys. The weak heart is found in

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case — not, however, connected with the presentation

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Where the process is localized it is generally more or less dissem-

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whether the action of alcohol be gentle or violent —

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day since his throat was bad. He felt slightly weak,

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shows also that a bullet, passing through both sides

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quacks can go with safety in England ; and is worthy

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infectious cases, where were only hip- and foot-baths,

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^Zf' ^A'^ ?^:'T''l''{}^'. ^o"J,"''<=t'va, and veiy results of the case are, I think, the more satisfactory!

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axilla, which rapidly grew to the size of a lirge nut,

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men degraded to the condition of brutes, still drink

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Without claiming to be highly intellectual. Dr. King

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and in Sunderland, individual cases had occasionally

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muscular tissue in this region may, therefore, no longer contract the

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General atrophy is induced especially in connection with wasting

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Satdbday St. Thomas's, 1 p.m.— St. Bartholomew's, 1.30 p.m. —

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measured ; and, thus prepared for the bistoury, which

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Mr. Gerber employs an etherial solution of carbolic

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proceeding be, as he asserts it is, of an immoral cha-

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