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February 1, 1880, in Dublin, where he is said to have

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and tend to form tumours witliin the chest. By such an arrangement

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movements with loud groaning expirations were excited, but the pulse never

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and collapsed gut in his fingers, which he can neither

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was liable to a similar objection because it bruised

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When the serratus is paralysed the sca])ula is nearer to the sjiinal

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AVork in the Production of Arterio - sclerosis," Virch. Jahrb. 1895.— 50. Vikchow.

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hausen's brief description, in 1883, of two cases of ball-thrombi is quoted

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in cotton wadding, and hot fomentations of lead-water and laudanum,

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two, but was there arrested." The rupture into the peritoneum, of much

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sub-cuticular, and may give rise to ulceration which progressively destroys

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patient finally became unconscious, the respiration be-

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parts should be freely covered with vaseline or olive

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and it acquires a peculiar cramping character when-

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bosis, often called without much propriety adhesive pyle})hlebitis.

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bruising and laceration ; and, thirdly, and perhaps most important of all,

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the vessel innervation in the same sensitive condition. The intra-cardiac

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upon the screens from a calcium lantern, a conveni-

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cartilage and bone at the periphery. As in arthritis deformans, it seems

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following groups : namely, (i.) those in Avhich a true organic central nervous

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bride's father, by the Rev. G. W. Terry, of Gosport, Ind.,

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witii occasional dysphagia and angina-like pains, marked the transition to a

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of the vessel blocked, the situation and area of brain substance supplied

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nuclear lesions, is not found ; hence in this form of myopathy, the orbicularis

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of wasting or weakness is the intrinsic musculature of the hand. The

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cil, Drs. Curtis, Park, Bannister, Ingals and Steele.

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