assume a state of exhaustibility of the nerve-centers
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Milky blood serum may be of two kinds : — («) fatty, the condition of
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their various stages as carefully described ]>y him. As regards all these,
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vascular branches pass into the cornea, which consists of layers of
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years ago Dr. Charlton Bastian brought forward cases showing that
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advances steadily to complete recovery, but in the great
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The muscles which escape are the supra- and infra-spinati, the sub-
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function of locomotion is undoubtedly attended with
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As already explained, this enlargement and eversion
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point on which I deem it needful to insist, since it has
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There also existed, sometimes, hyperesthesia on one
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above comprehensive heading, and to these attention will now be
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from ten to thirty grains, repeated often enough to
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Site of deposit. — Emboli are carried along by the blood-current until
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that the ordinary and practical forces, which we find
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this increase in skill on the part of one who assumes
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their inflammation and atrophy. The growth starts from the interstitial
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Benzoic acid, less stimulant, owing to its insolubility.
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C. Myositis ossifleans. — Some mention of this disease should perhaps
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and adhesion. It is only in exceptional cases that any ill eflfects ensue,
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mained under observation. In a few cases, however, cardiac failure or
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soon tired. He took to his bed on 22nd June. At this time his knee-jerks
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broken and feeble, and the cough had so little energy that expectoration was almost
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of the fact that it is to be the subject of investigation

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