from pressure on the recurrents, namely, " that in all progressive oiganic
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when they attempt to experiment to their own satis-
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tion " (p. 469). Dr. Balfour further says, that in all his experience he
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the case of a gentleman, who, whilst undergoing a bath cure at
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affection. It is caused most frequently by compression either
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— 43. Behrend. "Alcohol," DeutS'h^ mcd. IVoch. 1895. — 44. Buughart. Chariti
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The bacteriological examination of the muscle and of the pus shows
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was delivered, the body following immediately after-
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Journal, 1891.-52. James. Edin. Med. Journal, 1896-97.-53. Jolly. "Alcohol."
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Historical note. — Maurice Ravnaud published his thesis on local
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aided in some cases by the general symptoms. The phenomena pre-
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without this increase. In one of the cases referred to, probably syphilitic
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homonymous hemianopsia, the external geniculate body being intact.
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sputum. The secondary development of growths in other parts of the
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to be extensive unihitcral chronic pneumonia, in Avhich the lung Avas not
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says that in every autopsy after Freund's operation,
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book that while we cannot agree with all its author's
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and beset with disorder. This man was disinterested.
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seen, however, on the extremities, and usually follows local inoculation ;
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have been carelessly included with the reading matter.
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This view is corroborated by the facts of experiment ; for section of
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arteries are the seat of coincident disease, every kind of cardiac symptom
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gyrus precuneus, which may be subject to lesions thus
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plicated. Of three cases, reported recently, gonococci were found in the
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also thickened, 6) ; vegetations on sclerotic tricuspid valves, 8 ; sclerotic
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in their permeability, those of the intestine being probably the most

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