are a few the pathology of which, in relation to the structures occupying

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soft rubber syphon, A, C, F, D, having at A a weight

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Not less remarkable are the experimental observations of Lewin and

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work tre.iting of diseases of the brain in the next volume.

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and Bowlby are likewise sceptical as to the validity of Ponfick's explana-

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in fluid removed from the pleural cavitj- is a matter of doubt, but cancer

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such as siderophloia (red iron bark), longifolia, hem-

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of the internal and external rings that the two rings

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had very markedly diminished in size." The paper here referred to (by Prolessor Wright of

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is unstable and childish, his habits whimsical, and

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February 1, 1880, is amended to read on or before February

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Paralyses of individual ocular muscles are productive of two series

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the pathological processes which result in this deformity ; for, in spite of

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to which, so far as I know, other experimenters have not called atten-

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service was performed as political work is usually done.

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Med. Record, N.Y. 1898, p. 385. — 66. Oppenheim, H. Acrztl. Rundschau, Munich,

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the cause of greaft harm, reflex neuralgias and mor-

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laboriously manufacturing limits for lobes, the more

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case of widespread headache due to hypermetropia in an anaemic person,

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lected and exposed by a small incision, and with -a

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oedema is usually limited to the lower extremities and to the backs of the

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Viertl.-Jahrs. f. d. prakt. Heilk. 1854, xli. p. 109. — 250. Eulenmeyek. Deulsch. vied.

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except that usually the second sound is unduly accentuated. The

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the foUoAving brief sentence : — " The conclusion deducible from this

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received kindly if not cordially, small wonder that

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inflammatory reaction, and so forth ; (8) over-stimulation or functional

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these apparatuses is, perhaps, not quite so completely

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sufficient intensity, a certain amount of oedema of the skin may be

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