history and antecedents were good, and that he himself
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tuberculous processes adjacent to vessels need not detain us. The
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to the general subject of coagulation of the blood (see Professor
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the presence of a foreign body possible, but later,
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to take nourishment frequently, milk and eggs being
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scious in the morning. In the course of some ten days
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their conjunction by anastomosis of terminal filaments has been re-
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and outbursts of passion. Vide also microphotograph.
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and in the early stages of the latter disease it is often quite impossible to
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secretion of saliva, or by sucking from time to time a small portion
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examination, signs of a growth may be detected even when the lungs
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tion of the blood as the cause of phlebitis may explain some of those
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occasionally. Lister's tourniquet will be the most suitable instrument
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In one case mentioned by Wilson Fox there was a very large sarcomatous
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of sensation in one lower limb, apart altogether from the red areas, were
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other recent writers, who have emphasised the occurrence of cardiac thrombi in augio-sclerotic
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and heard over the Avhole right side of the chest posteriorly." In this
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infection with changes in the blood and circulatory disturbances. The
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precisely similar lesions in syringomyelia, with which syphilis has nothing
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into his heart twenty-two minutes before his death ;
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and that, in rare instances, complete or partial ophthalmoplegia has been
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vessels is of general pathological as well as special ophthalmological
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vessels and produce local metastases. In this wa}^ infective material
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give rise to some difficulty in obtaining them. The electrical reactions
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Hft. i. p. 180. Wien u. Leipz. 1893. — 111. Stange. Arh. a. d. path. Inst. z. Gottingen,
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traced originally to the lung or pleura, the former would be more
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shows that the dilution of gas in the air of the streets

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