the diagnosis clear ; (e) the prognosis, so far as may be judged from a series

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storative powers will be more successfully exerted. Would it not

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with motor symptoms of striatal origin.] Rev. Neurol., 1921, i, 737.

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(lethargic) encephalitis in children. J. Am. M. Ass., 1920, 75, 1337-9.

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ciated with ordinary bronchitis of catarrhal origin, and very often

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or person is fatally poisoned the lipase will continue high until

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specific. The second, which had been in contact with the resistant strain,

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Twenty drops of a ^ per cent, solution to a glass of water are also used as

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Specific gravity, 1018; contains no abnormal elements. Blood: Hemo-

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region of the duodenal excision, especially if any fear remain in the mind

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chiefly burning in stomach with eructations of gas and some heaviness


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the most important signs. Given cyanosis, three conditions call for con-

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metric method, depending on the depth of the red-violet color

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Rockefeller Institute for Medical Res 'arch. New York)

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the urobilinogen or urobilin bands in the urines of people in apparent

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removed, then the lymph glands greatly increase in size and are almost

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as then occurs is due to the altered kidney function, and not to the hyper-

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of the circulating mass, either by obstruction to its natural outlets,

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group of hemiplegias the prognosis is relatively favorable. We

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Family S. The paternal great-grandfather died at about seventy

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system completely under the influence of the tobacco, there

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of cancer of the uterus, had four children, two sons and two daugh-

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in the intestinal contents were made, and an enormous quantity

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given with practically no effect on the fluid. The patient was so much

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was excised, but a volvulus of the descending and transverse colon recurred.

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Out of ten cases noticed particularly by Boerhaave, nine hap-

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liver disease, some part at least of the urobilin has an extra-intestinal

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the pressure is reduced to 30 mm., cerebrospinal fluid pressure.

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already produced incurable disorganization in one of the most

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