Haramerschlas). The probability that tetany, in a large number of cases,

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determining contraction of the walls of the arterioles. The nearest

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In a case recorded by Dr. Anderson in a woman, aged 46, several

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of early disease. The " motor centres " in the cortex of the brain and

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hot (America and England) are of little or no curative

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between the Vidian nerve and the spheno-palatine, or Meckel's ganglion, it

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mucous surfaces have been observed in some cases. The disease is

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in patches, and necrosis and atrophy of the corneal ground substance,

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the joints of the affected limb are apt to suffer ; effusion occurs into

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cision is carried downward between the anterior cere-

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Cardiac infarction may be the cause of rupture of the heart, or of a

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Avithout obvious cause, of fainting feelings from cerebral anagmia,

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This condition begins in foetal life, and is generally associated with a

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relations. Leaving the anterior part of the Sylvian gray matter, the

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The pathological anak.mi/ of sciatic neuritis is derived from the appear-

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nevertheless going on, and every separate point at which irritation has

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classes is defective in moral teaching, and in train-

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session of the person and effects of those infected with

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article to summarise the views of Raynaud, as originally stated by him,

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means as shall most effectually prevent the wholesale

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well as in their clinical investigation in individual cases, to start with

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and third toes of the right foot. No other boy suffered. Although it

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of the original investigator, and of him who scruti-

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Arch. f. kl. Chir. 1878, xxiii. — 117. Wood, William. The Edinhvrgh Med. and

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tense as to destroy all rest. The process of wasting

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aromatic ammonia, soda, cardamoms, and chloric ether may be given with

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tions were limited to the tricuspid valve : in two of these cases the mitral

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