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insisted on. The bed must be constructed and arianged so that the
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iron, combined with extract of malt or maltine, to be
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never aflFected, and that atrophy of the muscles of the face is the only
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branches. Thrombosis of one of the coronary arteries may be the cause
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advantage over the sphygmograph), is to caiise the finger to travel up
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Prognosis. — This depends not only on the cause, but also upon the
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This, of course, involves a small expense, which either
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sants du coeur, instabilite extreme des functions circulatoires et etat
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of which has been described by Kalischer. Here a patient presented
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possible, if the pulsation correspond with a general expansile movement
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Postscript. — As these Hues pass through the press au important paper
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spicuous features. The symmetry, the association with motor defects,
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favorable to malposition, uterine catarrh and patho-
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theter into the bladder was testified to by the escape
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ity of tuberculosis by inoculation — a subject still under
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and external coats are much less manifest in the smaller vessels " (pp. 100,
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a very near point when the optic axis and the visual
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cervix has been so much reduced that its size is often
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or little depressions ; in two smooth and knobbed ; and in one (Redten-
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of appetite. Occlusion of the thoracic duct may cause extreme emacia-
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but we do need men in our profession who are true to
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lost, bi;t there was no retraction of the tendons, no contracture, and no con-
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sitting to standing, emotion, or other like causes, may suddenly bring about
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oblique muscle. As this muscle is concerned in the downward and

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