such contents were morbid or normal. In this manner
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exposure to cold has sometimes been the most noteworthy antecedent,
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alone would yield any satisfactory medicinal prepar-
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using rest treatment to correct all womb troubles at
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The immediate treatment can only be directed to the relief of pain,
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pain. Failing this, amputation is probably the only remedy, and even
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ered at the Long Island College Hospital, Brooklyn,
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alted reflex excitability of motor centers. But the
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ourselves for our work than two-thirds of you doctors
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tumours are nearly twice as often in the anterior as the posterior media-
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Physical signs. — (i.) A systolic bruit, best heard in the fourth and
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shown by Mr. H. W. Page at the International Congress in London in
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present ; such as langour, heaviness of the limbs, and fatigue after
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about the size of a knitting needle. This condition
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according to Bollinger, horses, oxen, and dogs used for traction purposes,
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meningitis, although a perineuritis of the cranial nerves may be associated
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The failure fully to appreciate the importance of this
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This new method is intended as a substitute for digi-
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2. Those with cardiac symptoms. The difficulty in such cases is to
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muscle was involved in one case. The brain, spinal cord, and the
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walls and a source of infection which may be brought about in two ways :
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serpiginous ; it begins at a single point, and s})reads to an in-
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opportunities — Meryon, for example — have never
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maintains that changes in the joints are an almost constant result of

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