the slit will be seen to widen at each expansile pulsation." It should be

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of a rabbit, and in addition the posterior root was divided on the one

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not uncommonly mixed up in various ways and degrees, and consequently

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lesion were associated with analgesia on the side ; but later a

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reason the underlying pathological condition is unknown ; but it is not

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receives a small branch from one of the anterior thoracic nerves), the

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is that the one particular pouch, which actually developed into an aneu-

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arterio-sclerosis. The term "intermittent claudication" (boiterie) is

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means the case ; and it would probably be an ei'ror to say that even the

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coughing and sneezing, and takes away the patient's power of raising him-

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are chieflv manifest at the onset ; and consist in moderate elevation of

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functions of the sphincter-contracting centre occasions the dilated Argyll-

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irritability of the nerves and muscles are either normal, or present such

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forthcoming. Haemorrhagic extravasations into the trunk of the third

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exceptional, or came on late in the course of a case ; so that it is by no

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1895. — 61. Remlinger. Compt. rend. soc. de hiol. 1896. — 62. Reynold.^. Med. Chron.

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arthropathy, not division l)Ut prolonged irritation of a nerve is necessary ;

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Wagner was only able to find microscopic rents in the elastic tissue of

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Ballet, and Dentil have prov-ed conclusively that when the axis cylinder is

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be in a feeble condition, the tendon reflexes are, as a rule, increased.

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