five cells will cause coagulation of the albumen of an

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Neuralgia of Phrenic Nerve : 62. Jennek, W. Allg. med. cenfr. Ztg. April

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paralytic incontinence, a^xirt from the presence of spinal cord disease,

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especially in dyspeptic neurasthenias. The value of

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of the arterial blood from so large a section of the body as the two lower

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ceding stenosis of the mitral orifice (omitting cases that did not last a

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the prickling feeling has passed a^vay, there may be no lasting sensory

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from side to side — to secure a satisfactory result. In

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two of the reported cases of coronary embolism are free from all

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associated Avith solid as with aneurysmal tumours. My personal experience

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microscopical examination of the nerve cells was made on sections

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(iv.) The facial nerve is not uncommonly involved in disease (gumma,

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tending to overcome this resistance, causes a steady flow through the

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from the normal. Among such deviations, we may see pulsation in

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into view. The cavum JMeckelii, in which the ganglion lies, is now opened,

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neuritis may present a superficial resemblance to that of ataxy ; as, for

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tioner who opens his free museum and advertises his

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that it is a disease solely of the muscular system.

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or bony structures forming the thoracic walls. A case of enchondroma

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corded three cases of Raynaud s disease in which marked contractions

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that this diff'erence of degree is the result of morbid nervous influences,

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or to unilateral iliac thrombosis with parietal thrombosis of the vena

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