may then be converted into anterior positions, with

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cartilage and bone becomes the seat of active hyperplastic processes ; while

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the bronchi and bronchial tubes. None were situated

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pressure would tend to internal strain of these vessels, and render them

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Sijmptoms (19 cases). — Haemoptysis and dyspnoea were the symptoms

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lie does not have that difficulty. His speech is also

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several cases of invasion of the B. aerogenes capsulatus, which without

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of eight hundred diseased eyes, nearly all of which

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to depend on degenerative changes in the third and sixth nerves, but in

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1 896 on account of paroxysmal pain chiefly referred to the lower precoidial and

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we can positively detect a transverse presentation."

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consideration. The absence of cutting and irritation

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Toxic causes of extrinsic origin. — The most important of these are

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fossa. Besides local meningitis, syphilitic necrosis, and bony tumours in

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there was extensive endarteritis, aiul the whole of the left fossa Sylvii wns Idled up with a gum-

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were present, indicative of slight dilatation and hyperti'ophy. These

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to the therapeutic value of different poles in the appli-

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place in the kinetoplasma. The chromophile granules disappear partially

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two or three days the buttocks, sacrum, and hips may be in a state of

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marked optic imperfection, or if present it is corrected

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this injection, especially if defibrinated blood was

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an actual inflammatory condition of the coccyx and the muscles, and

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or mental disturbance. In exceptional cases convul-

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other places — the current rates of extortion are exact-

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