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hallucinations. 1 thought I had certainly gone pretty

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of the blood ; not to the direct effect of the poison on nerve elements.

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der, in the right direction, and almost of itself, the

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keep up the health and strength by tonics and cod-liA^er oil ; the

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distinct advance for the embolic doctrine of haemorrhagic infarction of

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most startling " manifestations." Last year, we agreet

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brain, kidneys, and, especially in children, in the

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in the case of sclerosis. Oedema of the lower extremities occurred

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terations; historical notes, physiological action, med-

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Exposure to fatigue (as in long marches) seems to have played an

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direction of the membranous portion of the urethra,

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third right space. The margins of the ears, the nose, and the toe^

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vocal cord (commonly, of course the left). It is prol)al)ly, if not always,

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the atrophied, tapering, ])archment-like character described by Raynaud,


aneur3smal, or one only deriving pulsation horn the artery indirectly ;

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Figure 2. — This figure represents the false cervix composed

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She vomited, but nothing else remarkable was observed. Next day she played as usual.

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cases of cerebral ha?moiThage reveals marked changes in their walls. Charcot

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Slavic and Italian literature has not been searched, and the American

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of the term. Although, whenever lymphangieetasis occurs, there is

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red, obstructing thrombus. At the extremity of this, where the blood

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The details of her last illness were not obtained beyond that she became progressively

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occur, and the parts of the skeleton -which they affect, than in any

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resemblance to that of the acquired disease of adults; namely, convulsions,

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be difficult to give any good reason, in accordance

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" tapped," but only certain selected muscles are examined in this way by

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there are few observations in faAour of angina being a cardiac neurosis ;

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classified as symptoms of disease in some part of the nervous system

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be disregarded as a route for the poison, since it is

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which nerve lesions have been found, other conditions have been present,

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— 3. Idem. Amer.Jaur. of Med. Sci. 1892. — 4. Idem. Twentieth Century Practice, vol.

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