partial lesion of the nerve trunk itself may be the causal agent.
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caused chiefly by fatigue or excitement. The patient described an attack which
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atheroma." The cerebral vessels were noted as diseased in 49 cases ; in
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veins of the supraclavicular region and upper thorax became distended
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them, there is a decidedly abnormal state of the percussion in or near
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sign of suppurating phlebitis, but only the symptoms ordinarily present
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myosit'is," Deutsche Zeitschr. f. Xerv. 1896.— 26. Martin. Journ. Path. a?id Pact. 1&92-93.
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lation result in the various degrees of sclerosis so characteristic of degraded
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tion and pigmentation of glands as life advances, especially in those who
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gangrene; occasionally indeed these "tachet/es" (as they have been
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inferior of the strata in the radiations being localised in the lingual and
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they show a hyaline or waxy degeneration ; vacuoles are present,
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proportion of male adults past forty 3'ears death is due to cerebral
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aid of the double images. The diplopia is homonymous, and the false
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that, in children, after excision the limb " is attached
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remained free. One of my patients suffered from February to October
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stinum." — 4. Idem. Lumleian Lectures at U. Coll. Physicians, 1871, On Cancerous and
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The entire absence of prolixity, the terse, vigorous and
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Urticaria, erythema or? H. M. Bannister, M. D... 281
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case, out of 11,000 necropsies, were minute vegetations found on the
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Causes. — The nerve may be injured by a wound or blow, sometimes
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being understood, signifies etymologically no more than disease affecting
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' tention or fix our ideas on any one organ, or part of
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after week, and failing in this have naturally fallen
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1897. — 30. BauL.\Y. " Pseudo-balbar Paralysis" (good bibliography), ^rairt, vols,
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to pressure by enlarged glnnds on the venous trunks.
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Duchek (1854) and by Oulmont (1856) of the causes and symptoms of

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