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sume the implication of other parts, even though the
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much more urgent condition ; in the midst of which the respiration of the left
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by the law of eccentric projection it was referred to the termination of the
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peripheral distriljution of the nerve guides the process of nutrition ; for it
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sponge is bloody, the search for bleeding points is
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(iii.) The diagnostic signs of a nuclear lesion are not yet sufficiently
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injuries have been inflicted before or after death.
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cians in this matter, representing them as the only
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the trophic centers in the cord. The child grows up
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down. Of course the general functions must be attended to. In dealing
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eye, the rule being that the less the turning of the
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Bevue ncurologique, 1894, p. 409. — 34. Marixesco and G. de la Toitreite. Soc. med.
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Hodgkin's disease. Again, the extension of a tumour towards the neck,
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blind sac, situated at the base of the ascending colon.
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exactly comparable to an ordinary cavernous hsemangioma. Usually, in
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diseases of the heart, pericardium, and larger vessels ; or it may be due
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monly implicated during the progress of an intra-thoracic growth, and
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adherent to the apex, also an aneurysm of the abdominal aorta. There was marked fatty degenera-
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affection of veins that chapters in text-books treating of the general
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but had not severed any arteries sufficient to prove
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peripheral parts of the spinal nerves — the spinal cord, roots, and proximal
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