were extensive areas of persistent anaesthesia rela'ted to the neuritis,
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this way the growth of a tiioracic sarcoma differs in the most marked
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such lesions vision may be suddenly lost ; but this is not necessarily
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saignac, Traite de la suppuration et du drainage chirurgical.
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presence and nature of morbid conditions of the mediastinum is founded,
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head of its excellent pages. " Certainly, it is excel-
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are by far the commonest form of c:irdiac thrombus. Varying in size
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1889, XV. p. 42.-38. Panski and Thoma. Arch. /. exp. Path. 1893, xxxi. p. 303.—
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which furnish the leading facts upon which the diagnosis of the dis-
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matory, while other parts of the nervous system are inconstantly or are
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how far the afferent or efferent nerves, or the nerve centres take the
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and destructive, while that of mercury abates, when
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which the muscle assumes at first is frequently maintained throughout.
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variety and often essential differences in the pulse-tracings of atheroma
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delphia, 1887, xiii. — 25. Welch and Clement. '' Remarks on Hog Cholera and Swine
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evidence that the thrombus was the cause. This was Dr. Osier's second
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sided congenital ptosis, in which the lid is raised when the jaw is depressed
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is represented as made only along the lacerated labia
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more persistent influence upon the blood-pressure than other preparations
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pear to be two principal methods for its application :
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agents, especially under the action of light, reduce
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numbness in the fingers. The patient was anaemic, but during the
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istic of jjulmonary incompetence, may ultimately be found to have been
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upon his arrival in Boston. At Waterville a sheriff
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very interesting, but cannot be further cited here. They show that a
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at length bring about a permanent alteration in the Avails and lumen.
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ride of iron ; £ij of the first, and twenty drops of
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they are practically motionless. The frequency and rhythm of respira-
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tendency to free eff"usion of fluid. It may take the form of a subacute
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fession since the investigations of the late Von Graefe,
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that if there is any one answer which could reject a
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time in bed, so that he shall lie on one side or the
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correct, and that the changes in the muscular and elastic tissues of the
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seated between the shoulders, or pass from one point to the other. The

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