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foreign population — whose reasons or motives for leav-

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object the more prompt and efficient care of the de-

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class of cases and thereby avoid the application of

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formidable condition ; the chink of the glottis then remains permanently

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caseous pneumonia. Cancerous infiltration is more likely to be mistaken

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without paralysis of accommodation. In palsy of convergence the

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Morbid anatomy. — The intima of the vessel becomes swollen, and at the

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hydatids occupying the anterior mediastinum, or osteo-chondroma or

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the presence of the physician, and that some of the

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cially in cases of mitral stenosis, probably is due to a relative pulmonary

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be decided that an operation will be required at all.

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47rt.— 33. Llster. Bull, med. 1878, 2nil s. vii. p. 640.-34. Littex. Ztschr.

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fifty-three living. In fifty-eight cases version was

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first effort to systematize our knowledge of the pathol-

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and Steven properly points out that, considering the origin of cancer in

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the chief factor in the case. The bottle in which the

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d. deutsch. Gesellsch. f. Chir. Berlin, 1897, p. 298.— 31. DlPix and Dieulafe.

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normal circulation, and, by lessening the congestion,

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magnitude, and the practical difficulties to be encoun-

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cases having thus far been recorded. The characteristic changes begin

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Oppenheim points out that dysarthria is not infrequently met with

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ance ; and when any chest symptoms supervene under such circum-

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interest. Clinically and anatomically they undoubtedly have much in

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the different nerves. It will be convenient to review the diseases of the

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of these cases, in which a " copious herpetic eruption — so-called hydroa "

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Goodell W., M .D., Lessons in gynaecology. Review 8

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intemperate fit (which had led to his being brought home in a state of

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hospital with signs of heart faikire and a history of attacks of cardiac pain.

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evidence of incipient "glossy skin," should absolutely contra-indicate all

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Thromlosis of the innominate, subclavian, and jugular reins. — The more

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(15.4 gr.) of finely divided mercury, in albumen, to a

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fruitful sources of neuralgia. The pain so commonly present in the back

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in the pulmonary tissues — '"miliary carcinomatosis "' — resembling tubercle,

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1. Fissura longitudinalis. — Divides the cerebrum

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