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of the vessel blocked, the situation and area of brain substance supplied

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not suspected. Their suffering is indeed made worse

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originates in the nervous element. The main factor in determining this

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secondary origin, they do not appear materially to hasten the fatal

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by suggesting that the sympathetic neuritis may really be of vaso-

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and repeated it every half hour till the pupil began

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blood it would seek to relieve itself through the chan-

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several instances of influenzal thrombosis pneumonia had occurred.

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movements on the part of the patient may be avoided. For the relief of

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hepatic and portal vascular systems, a rise of internal stress Avould not

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intravenous injection, by direct application, by in-

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traction and a corresponding degree of relief, if not

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mind in as tranquil a state as possible. ... I do not think we shall be

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Dr. Myers in 1870, and formed the most important and practical argu-

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prognosis even of simple femoral thrombosis in chlorosis.

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resulting from the prolonged congestion ; but he does not seem to favour

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mercury, in this soluble form, into the blood, adding

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^ In the last edition (1898) of Professor Whitla's Pharmacy, Materia Medica, and

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March 3, 1880. Reprint from the Physician and Bulletin of

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occasionally as loud, and sometimes as harsh. In scarcely any case is it

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lymphatic gland sarcoma. The term lympho-sarcoma is a structural

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The cerebellum, as a great co-ordinator of mixscular actions, might be

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in this situation. From a digest of the various cases, Pfeiffer comes to

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twenty years ago, which caused at that time no slight

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concerned. In two of his clinical cases rye flour had been used for a

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bronchi ; or to i)uImonary gangrene, usually diffuse, sometimes superficial.

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murmur, or motions of the foetal heart, from an ex-

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