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coldn^s and lividity of the lower extremities. The femoral pulse dis-
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blood-pressure, and with those local extreme degrees of vessel constriction
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from an enlarged thymus, the performance of tracheotomy gives little
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spoke of iucreaseil permealnlity of the capillary wall as an essential factor in the explanation
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What level of the sensory tract is responsible for the joint lesion, and
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to Jacobi's article on diphtheria in Gerhardt's (Ger-
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side of the stermmi, it may be that the aorta has opened into the pulmonary
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system increase in complexity from the cord to medulla, and thence to
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lar phthisis, with more or less haemoptysis, is one of
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this offensive remark altogether, and simply repeated,
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artery ; it then rises, but later it continuously falls to a minimum.
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masses. Such cases have been reported by Trost, Tewat, Carville,
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It is certain that the turning of the attention to the performance of
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every criminal trial requiring medical testimony. The
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e.xistence of varicose veins which have been observed repeatedly in the
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its fibres large numbers of bacteria. The lesson to be
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now a matter of current physiological knowledge, — a knowledge, however,
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during the cour.se of the disease or weeks afterwards, and in mild as well
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owing to its importance, must now be considered in some detail.
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spinal cord by tumoiu"s, produces complete anaesthesia and complete
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four meals, should never be such as to fill up the blood-vessels. " He
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During a period of twenty-five years, out of over 11,000 necropsies at
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the call, and over $10,000 was collected. The insti-
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marked motor than sensory paralysis ; and the sensory fibres appear to

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