tions, modern industry has thrown upon the market an almost countless num-
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you were on the eve of a great discovery. We have watched
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and Frank Stockton contributes a sketch supplementary to
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pain after the operation, does no good, and makes the patient
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Small-pox had not appeared in Montreal for months, until a
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later somewhat improved : treatment continued. Two weeks
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necessary for a large compress — applied in the manner
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His faiher, Herman Boskowitz, born in Austria, arrived
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with rare separation of fragments. These fragments show
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the culture of certain faculties to certain ends, but that of the
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Weir. He was educated at the New York Free Academy, now the
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iCTiiiciii <jf the b'.ly held at Washington in September,
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the help of our estimable colleague Dr. Roth, whom I beg to
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ease were described by Dr. C. E. Sanford of Bridgeport. The
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Bpiiin^' influence and surgical genius much rrcdit is due
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tomy, excisions of the cscum, herniotomies (radical cure),
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have no recollection of it ; but, as they were not wildly delirious
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baths, washing out with solutions of carbolic acid or per-
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over in the tissues and drive forward " foreign " bodies,
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There were no unpleasant results following the operation, and
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Being ambitious to further pursue the study of his pro-
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In the very excellent number of the Gazette for February,
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give a complete report of the after-effects of symphyse-
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of head, extending over vertex to right side of head, and also
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must inevitably serve to belittle him in the eyes of the curious
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they will grow and do good, as is and will be proved by the
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accumulated material, which, supplemented by evacuation from
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shot may be crushed over them. The sound is then withdrawn.
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continued. In 1889, Dr. Root became visiting physician to the Metro-
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the medical profession has enabled this well-known firm to offer
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pital, as well as founder and responsible head of the institution for
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of treatment were not applicable to all minds, and she
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on the septicaemia of mice and rabbits, he writes, "When the
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spine are found classed under Pott's disease, or disease of the
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