between primary and secondary lesions of nerve cells, the chief value of

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tion as to the effect of diseases of this organ upon the phenomena in

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Besides these local appearances there is frequently evidence of nerve-

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Trans. Path. Soc. Bond. vol. xvii. p. 163. — 11. Chakcot, Buissaud. Traite de

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motor cranial nerves. Thus, the motor nuclei of the nerves may be affected

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of the rabbit for one and a half to two hours is followed invariably by

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solution. The difficulties in making such observations under the

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tympani or middle ear be atiected, the pain will be referred to some

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the occipital lobe are followed by degeneration in the superior strata of

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De abditis nonnuHis ac miraniis morborum et sanalionum cuusis. Florent. 1507. — 83.

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fever with the special localisation of the process in the blood-vessels.

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most curious observation refers to the repetition of

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the complete consolidation of the first aneurysm, Avhich Avas converted

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Taking together all nationalities in the same social

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feebly heard, may be conveyed loudly to the ear of an observer through

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implication of one oi' lioth lungs, diminishing their breathing surface or

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cases shows that in about 60 per cent death occurred before the tenth

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infection. The case is very fully and faithfully reported, along with the

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needs all the comfort to be extracted from such gloomy

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of Duchenne. A like degeneration occasionally aflects the central link of

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the oculo-motor nerves as well as the optic nerve may be paralysed from

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profitless discussion as to the degrees in which the symptoms are refer-

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dry, and cracked longitudinally. This susceptibility to certain alcoholic

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mitted to speak: First, that there was a great lack

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mankind, and while ever true to himself, to his pro-

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