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influence on the fever and are strongly contra-indicated on account of their
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bubo. Throughout this area the bloodvessels are distended, and punctate
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any other circumstances. With perforation and peritonitis there is some
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pneumonia, necrosis, and abscess. They are often found in the lung in much
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disease with local manifestations in the lung. A year later Klebs described
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for three months, and typhoid bacilli for four weeks. In the experiments of
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bed with a mattress of medium hardness is best. A rubber sheet should be
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Indirect Transmission. — ^The ^•iabiUty of the organism and the relatively
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specific reaction with the blood serum. The greatest advances in diagnosis
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The Nose. — Special disturbances here are rare. Some patients complain
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in some instances definite prodromes lasting from several days to weeks
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of the latter is always of more serious import." Charles,
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may appear from the second to the seventh day but most commonly on the
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testicle, these do not give rise to spiiptoms, and no permanent injury seems
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disease, and no surgery, as branding, castration, marking,
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children the same extra is charged up to four or five years
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In the most severe forms, which are rather rare, there may be enormous
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fourteen years, 1; sixteen to twenty-six years, 4; thirty-one to thirty-six
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fourths of patients with laryngeal diphtheria requiring ^p rative interfer-
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of doubtful advantage previous to incision and of no use after the pus has
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plastic or liquid. When the upper lobes are first involved, dulness quite
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This is rare when we consider the number of possible combinations, and
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mucous membranes are not involved. The eruption fades first from the face
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may appear during the attack. One patient, a pregnant women, remembered
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found in which there was not some confluence. The cases without con-
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I have stated them, in one group, and consequently the ap-
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o-as is generated very quickly. The room should remain closed for twenty-
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of this paper Dr. Curtis suggested that the question of weight
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a certain proposal. Such conditions should not exist, but
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found in diphtheria. Lobar pneumonia was found in 2 cases. In 8 of the
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This, it must be remembered, may be largely due to postmortem subsidence.

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