by a shooting or boring pain over some part of the face ; or pain in the

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peripheral type) over the distribution of the branches of the nerve. This

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are increased resistance to the flow of blood through the capillaries, hyper-

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buhr, 48 appeared to be true chylous and 20 fatty ascites ; and Edwards,

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destruction, and therefore to the seat of the embohis, and is not above

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entire relief from the evils attendant upon subinvolu-

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tube very easily, patient lying on left side, injecting

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mentary covering; pulse more or less increased, with

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ciualitative change — a diminution in size or ntimber of elements without

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originating in the pleura or lung, so extensive as to occupy the whole of

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with uterine inversion alone. The first examination

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chest, and expansion of the chest is feeble or lost ; whereas its elevation

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mented that so useful a labor-saving machine should

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them. The posterior tibial nerve showed interstitial neuritis, especially

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Coming now to the lower segment of the motor tract, we are

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somewhere read that at the battle of Gettysburg one

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they favour the occurrence of vasomotory disturbance tending to angina.

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presence of my patients; I have known them to advise

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part of the central bundle, its origin from both cerebral hemispheres, or

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muscles in an almost constant order; namely, in the first place, the muscles

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The treatment. — Rest for the affected limb, care being taken to pre-

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afforded the main means of exit for the metal. There

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repeated ; electrolysis again may be tried, but under modern antiseptic pre-

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rigidity characteristic of anaesthesia from nitrous

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they will ask the apothecary for a purgative, a chol-

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the second it was sudden, after falling into a river.

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2. Kell. Juur. Ai/icr. Med. Ass. Chicago, .896, vol. xxvi. \). 967.-3. V. KoiiNlLOW.

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January 1895. — 26. Bekkley. "Hyaline Degeneration," Brain, vol. xii. 1890. — 27.

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In a well-marked case of alcoholic paralysis, under my own care, the

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cation of the hand externally to support the organ.

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