his chest and a feeling of faintness. He was able to get home without
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administered and careful attention be given to the digestive organs. To
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— 3. Idem. Amer.Jaur. of Med. Sci. 1892. — 4. Idem. Twentieth Century Practice, vol.
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lympho-sarcomatous growths in this region. They usually give rise to
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mediately closure of the central artery of the retina by an embolus.
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I insist that the dose shall be small and frequently
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now the case of Kussmaul and Maier is the only one in which nodules
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individual cases, it is important to remark further that relative dilatation
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other micro-organisms ; they are therefore due to infection, and belong to
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this was 1021, and there was no albumen. The casts,
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the preceding section, and it will only be necessary to draw attention
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publication there have been a number of equally conclusive demonstra-
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presently to be described. It is not a true " impulse," although, from the
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2. That it occurs occasionally when signs of muscular weakness and
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as the control of a variety of spasmodic affections,
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in a position relatively between the two, and occupying the more
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emboli, however, gradually gained general acceptance. This explana-
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by way of the posterior longitudinal bundle, fibres pass to a group of cells
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the motor or the sensory division of the nerve. The most recent M^ork
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suggestive of early tabes. Dr. James Collier has recently reported six
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Fatty degeneration of the nerve-cell is revealed by a somewhat
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results. The case, as regards the mode of its fatal termination, belongs,
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evident), it may be easily mistaken for the much more frequent
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became paralysed, and death ensued on the fourth day. Necropsy : — The
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fibres leave the optic tract in the region of the external geniculate body
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have tended to give more currency to the method than it can be con-
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to the meeting of the Brit. Med. Assoc. Edin., will be found in tlie Glas. Med. Jour.,

Zofran Injection Dosage Administration